Sare Plastics History

Sare Plastics was launched more than 20 years ago in Northeast Ohio as a custom plastic injection molding company. In 2005, Bart and Mary Ann Stuchell purchased Sare Plastics with the mission to manufacture plastic parts and products with the highest degree of quality and customer service, reflecting the company’s commitment to furthering American innovation.

Today, Mary Ann serves as president of Sare Plastics, a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise in tandem with Bart as vice-president. Mary Ann’s strong analytical skills and financial expertise shapes Sare Plastics’s long-term business strategy. With 15 years of experience in research and development, Bart provides customers with keen insight into the nuances of product development.

Bart and Mary Ann’s ideals are reflected in the way Sare Plastics continually strives to be a customer-oriented, high-end custom injection molder that helps its customers attain their manufacturing goals at fair cost. No design is too complex to tackle – at Sare Plastics, we meet challenges head on with an arsenal of proven, effective manufacturing solutions. We believe Sare Plastics plays an important role in American innovation. Contact us to learn how Sare Plastics can bring your designs to market.