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What is injection molding plastic?
In injection molding, plastic granules are heated and "injected" under pressure into metal molds, where the molten plastic hardens into a designated shape. The mold then opens and the newly formed part is removed and inspected, ready for shipment or secondary manufacturing operations. Injection molding is an extremely versatile and popular form of molding.

Sare Plastics has available capacity to handle your production requirements in the following injection molding machinery:

50-149 Ton Class
150-249 Ton Class
250-349 Ton Class
350-449 Ton Class
450-500 Ton Class

For more information on our Injection Molding Machinery Specifications

Sare Plastics is always willing to expand our capacity to meet the needs of specific customers!

Sare Plastics also owns a complete line of support equipment including items such as: Granulators, Dryers, Conveyors, Hopper Loaders, Regrind Proportion Loaders, Mold Temperature Controllers, Chillers, and Zone Controllers for Hot Runner Tools.

Do you have questions about injection molding plastic and the thermoplastic injection molding process?
If you do! you can contact one of the manufacturing professionals at Sare Plastics. We will be happy to answer your questions.