Engineering & Technology

At Sare Plastics, we understand that engineering and technology is instrumental in ensuring a successful production process – whether it’s testing a complex molding design or determining which tooling options are best for your product.


We partner with you from the beginning to fashion the best engineered molds to your satisfaction. From simple to complex molds, Sare Plastics has the engineering expertise to bring your designs to life.

Mold Design

Sare Plastics teams with qualified Mold Designers and Mold Builders to provide you with optimal mold and tooling options for producing your plastic parts or products.

3-D Prototyping

With 3-D prototyping capability, you can test your design before investing in the actual mold to determine its functionality. At Sare Plastics, we use state-of-the-art flow simulation software called Moldex3D which enables analysis of the manufacturing process including filling, packing, cooling, warpage, fiber, thermoset, gas-assist, multi-component molding (MCM) and insert molding-D.  With 3-D analysis, phenomena such as fountain effects, vortexes, pooling, and internal voids (bubbles) are easily identified and fixed.

Injection Molded Plastic Parts Analysis

If you’re launching a new product and want a “test run,” Sare Plastic provides production analysis that includes filling of the mold, mold cooling design, allowable tolerances, anticipated parts warpage, material selection, mold fill-up and cycle times. Analyzing which process is optimal for your product gives you the knowledge and confidence to move forward. If you need to perform more than three analyses annually, contact us about our special pricing package.