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Injection molded plastic parts analysis is a complicated, but very beneficial analysis to perform. Knowing your results before first shots in the mold is key to a successful product launch. Questions such as: "Can this mold be filled?", "How should the cooling be designed in the mold?", "Will this part warp out of tolerance?", "What is the correct material to use?", "Will this part fit in the molding machine?", and "What is the estimated cycle time?" are easily answered during this type of analysis. Do you run more than 3 analyses per year? If so, then we can help you save money with our Mold Flow Analysis Collective. For more information about this offer and our special pricing program, please contact us at (330) 821-4299 or via e-mail at engineering@sareplastics.com .

True 3-D Analysis At Sare Plastics, we use the next generation of flow simulation software called Moldex3D. Our complete set of software is capable of providing customers with state-of-the-art FILLING, PACKING, COOLING, WARPAGE, FIBER, THERMOSET, GAS-ASSIST, MULTI-COMPONENT MOLDING (MCM), and INSERT MOLDING analyses in FULL 3-D. By utilizing solid tetrahedral elements, our analysts can accurately capture all of your part's unique features without excessive modeling time and problematic assumptions. Three dimensional simulation allows the observer to witness detailed flow phenomena that are typically missed when using conventional Hele-Shaw flow theory (a.k.a. 2.5-D or shell analysis). Phenomena such as fountain effects, vortexes, pooling, and internal voids (bubbles) are easily identified and fixed. So whether your part is thick or thin in nature and made of a thermoplastic or thermoset, we can help. Contact us today for a full 3-D analysis on your part.