Sare Plastics FAQs

Sare Plastics can mold a wide range of Products and Materials including "over molding." Thousands of material options exist and we can help deliver your product to suit your specific needs. If you have questions about which material or process is right for your part, please contact us. We can provide answers on material properties, provide you with cost options for savings, and even advise on the use of recycled plastics for your project.

There are many advantages to injection molding of parts, mainly cost-effectiveness. Other advantages include cost reduction, weight reduction, corrosion resistance, reducing steps in assembly, durability, and Metal to Plastic conversion.

A drawing in one of the following formats is preferred (step, IGIS, Solidworks, DWG or STL) however, the most important information required is the part volume in cubic inches and the general dimensions of the part. Also needed are material type, color if required, estimated annual production, and any special packaging that is needed. If a drawing is not available in one of the formats above and a mold quote is required in addition to parts pricing, we will also need some type of drawing, rendering, or photograph to determine how or if the product is moldable. The more information provided up front the quicker we are able to respond to your request. (*Please allow a minimum of three days for parts quotes and seven days if a mold is included.)

Many of our customers already own the tooling and simply transfer the tooling to Sare Plastics for production of their parts. However, for customers without tooling, we are able to assist in the design and fabrication of tooling for your product either in-house or out-sourced on a competitive basis. We have access to a network of highly qualified tool builders. Once your mold is in production at Sare Plastics, we also offer in-house maintenance and servicing of the mold.

Not at all. Sare Plastics has performed work for customers manufacturing a wide variety of products in industries throughout the U.S. and Canada and is able to provide service anywhere in the world. Whatever your requirements are, Sare Plastics collaborates with you to bring your plastic part or products to production.

We offer very competitive pricing, great quality and customer service. Sare Plastics is competitive to the point that we have been asked to participate in "Re-Shoring" initiatives by some of our customers. Contact us to learn how Sare Plastics can partner with your and be your custom injection molding manufacturer.