Sare Plastics Announces Two New 880-Ton Presses Installed

  • Sare Plastics Announces Two New 880-Ton Presses Installed

    Sare Plastics, a Custom Injection Molder in Alliance, Ohio recently installed and started-up two new state of the art 880-Ton Presses. These presses were added due to increased demand by sister company Silca System (Construction Products-Decking) and also for increasing opportunities in the Automotive and Appliance sectors. Sare reports that even with the aforementioned work there is still plenty of open capacity remaining for these presses and they are seeking new programs to fill them up. This not only expands the total number of injection molding presses at Sare to sixteen and adds production capacity, but gives the ability to produce larger parts and products and to set and run larger molds. Previously, the largest press at Sare had been 550-Ton. Sare now operates (16) presses ranging from 75-Ton up to 880-Ton with capacity available in most categories. The two new presses each include robotics which allows more flexibility and control over production and quality. Sare management notes that they plan to continue with these types of improvements going forward in order to offer their customers an even greater choice and quality of services.

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